Top Ten Tips

Enjoying our careers as we do in Sales & Marketing Recruitment, we have a number of "tips" which astute prospective candidates may take care to note!

  • 1 CV documentation must be right up to date - if you have already left your last placement, please indicate this.
  • 2 If you have excessive points on your driving licence - please mention to us.
  • 3 Please always have a home address on your CV.
  • 4 If providing any supportive literature/documentation alongside your CV please keep it concise, relevant and in immaculate condition.
  • 5 There is no requirement to attend interviews excessively early.
  • 6 Be prepared to know and disclose every aspect of your current reward package.
  • 7 If you have been invited to attend interview and supporting documentation is pre-requested to be seen (Passport/Driving Licence) please ensure you bring it.
  • 8 Please call JML in advance if you are too be late for either our own run schedules or indeed those organised on behalf of our clients - we may still be able to accommodate you the earlier you notify us of a travel/availability challenge.
  • 9 When researching Markets/Client brands please visit stores in preference to mere regurgitation of website content.
  • 10 Business dress, always more formal than casual - no flip flops please!