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Account Manager & Visual Merchandiser

I was recommended to Jolyon and his team through a good friend and colleague of mine. I submitted my application with a rather low expectation of JML; from previous experience with other recruitment agencies. However, from the initial point of contact and throughout the whole process it was absolutely clear that Jolyon and his team had my best interests at heart. In the space of 5 weeks I was given 4 opportunities at the exact roles I had been looking for. With the previous recruiters I was mocked for even thinking of these roles, (jokes on them now). Jolyon and Tim spent hours meeting me and prepping for each interview, ensuring that I went in with the best fighting chance of securing a job. I could write reams and reams of glory about Jolyon, Tim and Emma but you really have to see for yourself; this is not a recruitment company, these are three, exceptional, affable people who put the recruitment industry to shame. Securing this job has meant a lot to me and I am so glad I contacted Jolyon. Now stop reading testimonials and give them your CV, you are in more than capable hands. Trust me.

Account Manager

I first applied through Jolyon Marhsall for an account manager role in Storm Watches. Initially I had thought that it was like most other jobs I applied for, where I hear nothing back... However, a week or so later, Tim, an account manager for Jolyon Marshall sent me an email, and was keen to discuss the Storm role and others he had. So we met, spoke about my experience, what I was looking for, and Tim told me to leave it with him. A week went by and Tim called me up again, unfortunately, due to a lack of experience, I didn't get the storm job. Yet, he told me he had another role perfect for me, with the requirements I wanted. It was not even live on the website when he called, and things moved quickly from there. The next day I met with the company, and following an interview with the CEO, I was offered the job. Overall, Tim really put himself out to get me this job. With very little input from myself, the service I received was far higher than I had any other recruiter that I had dealt with in the past. I start the job in two weeks and am very excited for it! I would certainly, and already have recommended Jolyon Marshall to others who are looking for a job in this industry. Thank you again Tim!

Regional sales executive

'I cannot recommend Jolyon & his wonderful team more highly. Throughout the process they were highly professional, kept me updated at all times & supported me throughout every step of the journey. They truly are the best in the business! Thank you again.'

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