Our Service

All of us have utilised third party consultancy partners in the past and I'm sure those more seasoned users of recruitment services either have their established favourites (hopefully us) or continue to on a campaign by campaign basis make fresh contacts with I'm sure a full spectrum of subsequent experience.

J.M.L care very much about those whom we are privileged to represent and all the team here recognise the value of each and every person who has applied. Applications via true consultancies such as our own should be 'awash with added value' for the prospective candidate.

We are hugely client and market aware - can read and appreciate experience demonstrated within your CV and we are able to offer our clients huge insight as to your accomplishment to date.

As your application moves through pre-selection to shortlist interview and hopefully beyond,the advice that our consultant team can potentially impart can assist greatly with your forward preparation as you compete for finalist then appointee status. We aim to acknowledge every application made - either on a general basis or in response to a specific campaign.

J.M.L encourage our clients recruitment process to flow with increasing momentum and where we are able we will update you as best we can with insight once actualities are known.

We believe we can enhance your future career development search & we are hugely proud of our distinctively different candidate service proposition on offer.

The point of definition that internally reassures us all that we are worthy partners to wear with pride on your search activity lapel is that frequently we hear from candidates associated with us in the past - either "Just calling for advice", or "I hope you don't mind but your view on this please", or "I haven't told anyone this yet - you're my first call", or "Can I recommend my best friend"...Do you need anymore reassurance where best to entrust your CV?

Come on in and be similarly amazed. We constantly are...